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Lucretia/Sialeeds scans, and search engine/image-finding tips

Lucretia-and-Sialeeds doujinshi-thing is scanned in its entirety (I'd posted bits of it before), for those who want. I'd really love to get a translation of this. Like, so much so I might pay you to do it. *_* If I do manage to get one somehow, I'll totally scanslate it (and probably put up better scans than these, too).

Also, apologies for the dorky filenames; I have been spending too much time on Japanese image sites, clearly. I love the artists' impression of the Grasslander bracelet. So nifty when fandom expands on the canon like this. I'd already uploaded this part, hence the divergent filename. Huge spoiler warning.

Oh, also, speaking of Japanese image sites, have at these:

Suikoden V search engine.
Suikoden IV and V search engine.
General Suikoden search engine.

Wonderful for finding fanart. Just type in a name in kana and keep a lookout for the sites with イラスト or イラスト・CG (i-ra-su-to = illust[ration]) in their descriptions, as those are the ones with the pretty pictures. "SS" is fanfic, for some reason I haven't quite worked out, which is great if you can read it and unfortunately sort of pointless if you can't. Or in the case of the GSV engine, there are some lovely tickyboxes if you just scroll down the page to make your life easier. Just don't get your hopes up about some of the options presented, as there aren't actually sites for all of them. (Also, I don't know if ticking multiple boxes is an "or" or an "and" option, but I've got better results searching for one thing at a time, so I'm assuming it's an "and".)

Also, note that on most sites the page you're looking for from the splash page will be something like "top.html", which seems to be the default Japanese convention for naming their "home" pages proper, so if you're having trouble finding the right link from the splash page keep an eye out for that. Once there you might be lucky and find an obvious option like "illust" or "gallery" or "graph(ics)" or somesuch, though sometimes it might just be under "main" or the kanji for "Genso Suikoden" or something. If nothing is readable, hover over links and check the name of the page in the status bar, which usually helps.

Also, randomly, this just cracked me up for some reason. "Requires one dusty, beaten-up memory card to play." Seriously, click on the image, it really is.
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