Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom (eclective) wrote,
Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom

Couple of Suikoden-goodie recs....

Someone's put together a Suikoden III manga moodtheme, for anyone looking to change theirs. I'm just slightly too attached to my Lunar moodtheme to change it (even if Lunar's not my primary fandom any more), but this is well done none the less, and I thought it worth the link.

Also, I've mentioned the existence of these to a couple of people before, but the embodiment of win apparently named Haswar2 has posted up most of the Japanese cutscenes from Suikoden V on YouTube. The voiceover still has its rough spots, but if you disliked the English dub, or just want to get a different perspective on what some of the characters might have sounded like, these are worth watching. Also, bear witness to the brilliance that is Euram's absolutely perfect overdramatic-narcissist-bishie voice, and... cringe slightly at the fact that the very literal katakanization* for "Lucretia" doesn't take into account that it's actually a name with an existing pronunciation, one that can in fact be transcribed into katakana (ru-ku-rii-sha, most likely). /dork, but come on, literally saying it "Lu-cre-ti-a" just sounds weird. XP

*possibly not actually a word

Been pondering doing that thing I was thinking a while ago, of putting up a blog just for observations on tiny elements of games (the background music in a particular level, the glint of light off a certain structure, etc.) that have just made me squee or otherwise stuck in my mind. Or maybe I'll just create a post series here for it. Either way, the idea still is in my mind, I just... haven't got around to it yet. XP
Tags: suikoden, videogames
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