Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom (eclective) wrote,
Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom

On symbols and fiction.

So a random thing I've noticed about myself: when it comes to fiction, I'm a big fan of symbols. Not in the "oooo, this giant creature with its arms splayed out perpendicular to its torso is clearly a metaphor for Christ on the cross!/the tattered rose is clearly a symbol of innocent love turned bittersweet!" sort of way, but in the sense of fictional logos, emblems, sigils, crests. I think it's the fact that they're like a sort of code, a secret handshake, an inside reference; nobody except a fan of the fiction would know what they meant, yet they're an instant signifier to a fan that you know the work and identify with this particular aspect of it. Taking that idea further, they're like tribal symbols, perhaps, indicators of belonging. They're a less crude, more stylish way of sporting a "Go Team!" slogan, but at the same time, they're something else, something almost mystical; the essence of something valued distilled into a few lines or a simple, iconic image. They're compressed ideas, concentrated, encapsulated, and that makes them powerful.

I always end up wanting my favourite characters, my favourite concepts and ideas and parts of my fandoms, to have representative symbols. I'd want to wear them as pendants or pins, some kind of jewellery, to represent my love for them, and they'd be something known well enough within the fandom that anyone who saw said ornament and shared my connection would instantly know that we had a bond. There are t-shirts and other such items of merchandise, yes, but there's something powerful and almost religious-seeming about a pendant that I like. T-shirts seem to say, "This is my fandom"; something that looks more like jewellery seems to say, "This is a devotion for me; this is a big part of my life".

Idle musings, yes. I'm endeavouring to ramble more on Stuff That Is Of Pertinence To Me, whether or not it's really a discussion-worthy topic or a novel idea. My simple thoughts, my feelings, my inclinations, have a place here too.
Tags: fandom, fictionality
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