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Also, random thing: for a while I've been dithering about whether to watch the ~60 stars ending for Suikoden V on YouTube. Factors involved in my dithering include:

+ I do want to see all the endings, in general.
+ I'm a hapless sucker who seems to have some masochistic need to tearjerk myself more over this game. It's therapy, or something.
+ I'll probably never actually have the heart to do a miserable, defeatist ~60-star playthrough of a 60-hour-plus game just to see a painful Bad Ending. I'm not that much of a masochist.

- It's on YouTube, therefore it'll be cruddy quality compared to actually seeing it on a TV.
- It'll probably be painful and sad and I won't like it. (Yes, this contradicts point #3 above. I didn't say my masochism was consistent.)
- It might just suck, not in the ouchy way but in the "meh, that was just generally not worth it" way, and then I'll be disappointed.

So... how worth seeing is it, actually? How awful is it? And should I watch it on YouTube or attempt to play through the game again (not like I'm doing a Bad End playthrough any time soon) or just not see it at all and write myself some fanfic about the Prince and his happy family sitting around playing Mornington Crescent How The Crap Do You Get Out Of Sol-Falena Anyway* on a sugar high? THE VOTE IS YOURS.

*It's like Mornington Crescent, except no move which puts you within three stops of the exit to Sol-Falena is legal for at least thirty turns.
Tags: suikoden, videogames
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