Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom (eclective) wrote,
Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom

*explodes from awesome and nostalgia and awesome*

...omg. I used to do this. I so used to do things like this all the damn time. (Except I didn't actually have a real videogame club, so I just pretended I did and wrote in notebooks anyway. Also, I would have never written "loose" for "lose". But yeah.) This hit me so hard with nostalgia that I just sort of crumpled up inside and actually forgot to breathe for a moment. The colourful little pictures and symbols next to the game names, the bad attempts at replicating videogame logos with my own hand-drawing, the mixing of cheats, commentary and stats obviously ripped straight from videogames magazines with cheerful abandon... it's all the same.

I would scan the one of these I actually do still have around, but they were also riddled with a great deal of... I don't know what you'd call it, exactly. Kid politics? Thinly-veiled attacks on rival clubs (where by "clubs" I meant "the two girls who always hung out together who I characterised as the personifications of Satan and all his devils, simultaneously*, when I was a kid")? So it's all a bit embarrassing. But I'll see if there's anything I can scan that doesn't actually make me shrivel up and go red from fail.

*...reading through this stuff, I'm not actually exaggerating one bit. The phrase "spawn of Kefka" was actually used at one point, which I'm assuming I considered to be roughly equivalent at the time.
Tags: fandom, nostalgia, videogames
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