Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom (eclective) wrote,
Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom

Whoa. is really past 9pm over here? The sky is still blue. Not even sunset-coloured, really.

It feels like it's literally just got this way all at once; that it's gone from being dark at 6pm or so to not even being dark at 9. It hasn't, but it feels like it has. I'm so used to daylight hours being short; it seems I never quite internalise the summer. I dimly remember when I was young how it wouldn't get dark until 10 or so, and it would seem really strange, and I still don't think I've come to terms with the fact that it does that. I feel like my body clock suddenly did a radical shift; it feels almost physical, like when you're staring out the window of a moving vehicle and then all at once you realise it isn't the vehicle you're in that's moving, it's the vehicles outside, and your sense of what's going on is suddenly jerked around.

Nice, though.
Tags: what the flying dessert fork
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