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A furry theory....

So, a friend of mine just came up with a really interesting and, I think, quite lovely way of interpreting the whole concept of furry (and perhaps, to some extent, Otherkin, for those who see the idea more as a metaphorical expression of self than a literal reality). Xe isn't furry-identified per se, but does have some non-human characters/personas. I got permission to paraphrase/talk about it here, and I thought those of you on my friendslist who identify with the concept might appreciate it.

Basically, we were talking about how xe is fond of fantastical creatures because their physical forms are usually very strongly expressive of what they are on the inside (e.g. an ice creature looking very icelike), and because they're usually such magnificent, intelligent, magical, etc. creatures on the inside, the fact that their physical forms are able to express that is a really compelling thing. And then xe mentioned that xe thinks that's one thing that's really nice about people who have "personal characters" or furry avatars. Xe's a very spiritual person, and xe's take on life is that on the inside, we're all incomprehensibly beautiful creatures. And xe says that xe thinks a furry/mythical avatar is one way to take some of the beauty that's inside all people, and wear it, in some context, on the outside, by crafting a self-image that displays something of the person through metaphorical imagery that we associate with those traits and also find really pleasing to look at. While a lot of people would accuse people with overly pretty or elaborate avatars of exercising wish-fulfilment, xe argued that there's nothing we could create externally that even comes close to matching the beauty we have on the inside; so, far from trying to play to modesty and create humble avatars, we're all selling ourselves short no matter how beautiful our personas.

And I thought that was a really awesome way to look at furry, basically. That it's a way of making the beautiful complexities on the inside show on the outside. (See also today's Theri There comic.)
Tags: furry, otherkin
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