Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom (eclective) wrote,
Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom

end of an era (though not a livejournally one, as such)

Well, guys. It's been forever. Ten weeks is a small eternity in Internet Time, yes? Somehow I... just fell out of the habit, I dunno. Long stories, longer trails of thought and consequence stemming off from those. But eventually I felt I needed to fight past the waves of guilt-over-not-posting I felt every time I logged into LJ (yes, I've been reading my flist daily) and actually say something. This's happened before, but I do care about LJ, and this time I don't plan to let the guilt win completely.

Odd that what prompted this was an ending. Not too long ago, I was having a chat with Nall, and he mentioned he'd been playing Kirby Super Star on the original SNES. Since we only have one copy in the house, I knew he'd used mine. We talked about 100% saves for a moment, and I told him I had one... he said he didn't see it.

It's the first time one of my carts has ever lost a save through age, though I knew ten years ago that such things happened. Somehow, my saves never died. Year after year, they mysteriously evaded this supposedly inevitable entropy. Like teenagers who think themselves immortal after cheating death, I never really imagined the data would be lost.

I can make that save again; probably a hundred times over, now. Computers, meanwhile, will preserve these games, and their saves, in a much more durable format; emulate and you need never lose your games. But there's something wistful, something poignantly end-of-an-era-ish, about knowing that this generation of cartridges is crumbling into obsolescence. Touching, like watching yesterday's newspapers rot away; only you had more emotional investment in those years of games than you ever had in the fleeting, gossipy headlines.

I sort of wanted to observe that.
Tags: qualia, videogames
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