Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom (eclective) wrote,
Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom

A reflection on alternative identities

But then, I strongly feel that when it comes to it, Otherkin don't really have that much room to talk about fic'kin, and furries don't really have that much room to talk about Otherkin. When it comes down to it, it's all variations on "I see something of myself/something that clicks with me/something that feels right to me in X, and that helps me make sense of myself better", spiritual stuff aside. At least, I think the main thing that makes it work for people is "I see something of me reflected in this and that's helped me with my life", as opposed to any woo-woo theories on where it all comes from. And I don't think that's strange, even if people have gone and distorted it in the worst possible way by running around shouting "omg u gaiz these ppl think their REALLY FICTIONAL CHARACTERS OH NOES". IMHO, they're the immature ones, not the people who get it and actually find it useful.

I posted this comment on a friend's journal a little while back, and after doing so got permission to repost it here, as I thought it touched on a side of the experience of alternate identity that hasn't been touched on much before. Not other/fiction as simple metaphor ("I'm like a dragon because I hoard stuff and like shiny things"), nor as a physical/metaphysical reality ("I'm a dragon because in a past life I was a dragon/I have a dragon's soul"), but something trickier to grasp, in parts allegorical but also more significant, more central than a metaphor: I am a dragon because when I look at the idea of dragon, something very core about it clicks with me and reminds me of me.

I feel like whatever else you say about it, whether you believe there's an additional explanation... that's the heart of it, for a lot of people. That's the level on which they click with the concept. Or at least, that's what seems to make sense of the idea for me.


(Also, anyone notice that LJ seems to have brought back the Deleted Username Strikethrough, replacing the Boldface that followed in the wake of LJ's mass questionable-journals-deleting spree? Interesting, kinda....)
Tags: fictionality, furry, otherkin
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