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is this awesome y/n

So this? Technically awesome. I mean, it's FFVI characters in 3D, controllable, and specifically it's Esper!Terra in 3D, and the part of my childhood brainstem that's hooked on the etherealness and alien wonder that is Esper!Terra - the transformation into this lightlike being of magic, the liminality of being half-human, half otherworldly entity - is forcing hot glittery adrenalinesoup through my neural pathways right about... now.

Yet at the same time, "FF6 characters in mindless fighting game" is... eh, there's something shallow and pointless and Not What The Game Is About For Me about that. I mean, sure, FF6 is no Suikoden/FF4 in this regard, and I never minded that Ehrgeiz was a fighter when I paid my credits to exult in running around as Tifa (though then again, as dark as FF6's world can be, I always saw it as clinging to heroism and goodness just a little more than FF7's world did; by FF7 the world had just been debased, really - and I don't mean that in a bad way, it was the intended effect), but still, it's hard to get too excited about a fighting game. I'm guessing my Suikoden exposure since then is part of what's triggering this, but also, there's something just inherently ugly about sticking one's favourite characters in a cage and having them tear each other to bits that FF6's world, in my personal association, is just a little too "above".

If it were Celes... I'm not sure whether all bets would be off or not, for the conflicting reasons of "people I want to see in a cage match even less" and "people I want to see in 3D even moar". ...though blonde!Terra here gives me little hope that they'd do her anything like I imagine her anyway, so never mind.
Tags: ff6, videogames
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