Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom (eclective) wrote,
Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom

Quick PSA: pointy things!

So, lately a few of you might have been pinged as to the idea that I'm exploring the more feral side of myself, and to this end, I dropped by (in person, as being over in CA right now, I actually could) a place I've hovered around online for several years making wishful sort of eyes at but have never actually bought anything from, Psykic Fangs. The store's owner and designer can create custom fangs and full-mouth sets to pretty much any specification, from a variety of vampire and werewolf-style sets to cat, shark, rodent and other animals, as well as imitating the trademark look of a particular character or working from your completely custom design. This guy's even got fangs in there styled after unicorn horns-- it's crazy.

Well, I went down, and he was such a friendly and reassuring individual (even when I gagged on the dental mould something awful) and got everything together so swiftly, and as we were chatting he told me that a friend of his has been suffering some pretty severe financial problems and he's trying to help her out, and business has been really slack because of the economy and he's been having a sale to try and increase it, so he was glad I came by. And so I thought, you know, I like doing people a good turn and he seems the kind to do others a good turn and I really sympathise with that, so least I can do is give him a bit of a plug on my journal. I don't have the fangs yet (they'll be ready on Friday), but the work on his site is all seriously fantastic, so... if you have fantasies of being any sort of bitey, pointy creature, whether of your own invention or something existing, check out the site, especially since it's now a lot cheaper ($55 per set, by default) to get hold of a pair of custom fangs.

I'd make this entry seem less like adspam, or at least say a little more about the work I got done, but... I'm tired and goopy-headed. Goooop. But I do hope this helps the guy and his friend out, at least.
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