Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom (eclective) wrote,
Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom

Help me find my old porn?

Okay, so: way back in 2004 I wrote a story called Pack Dominance, which was hosted on Erica's and my old site, I'm hoping it's on my external drive at home, but I'm feeling paranoid and I don't have access to that right now, and isn't helping, so just in case... I know at least kawakiisakazuki and mousse9 read it, according to the comments, so if either of you two think you happened to save a copy and keep archives that far back, could you check your archives for me and see if you have it? The filename was probably "packdominance", minus file extension.

It was one of the very few NC-17 fics I've ever written, and it means a lot to me, so if you can help me find it at all, that'd be awesome.
Tags: pr0n
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