Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom (eclective) wrote,
Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom

In which I am a shameless leech. Hey, it's also called "grassroots social support"?

So the patchy wireless I've been leeching off in my new abode for the past few days... kind of went away. They were supposed to have the internet set up by today, but the actual BT line is broken and the BT engineers need to come and poke it, which won't happen until Monday. (Nall, please say they are coming to fix the line and not just test it, or... or my head will explode. MY HEAD WILL EXPLODE.)

It's Friday. I'm leeching an hour of internet at Coffee Republic. I require sanctuary.

So my question of you is: is there anyone in the UK (preferably the south of England, as that's where I'm currently stationed, but I'll travel within reason) with a couch and wireless who'd be willing to put me up for a few days until BT get their act together? I am clean, quiet and fully intend to sequester myself in a corner with my laptop and stay out of people's way, though if you've really been wanting to meet me or something, I'd be good with taking you out for dinner or such as recompense. But I'm pretty socially burnt out, in all honesty, so this is kind of a last resort.

Rawr. <3

[Edit: Got a mobile broadband dongle at Vodafone. Crisis averted. All is good!]
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