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doggone scoundrel done me wrong, ran over my truck with a baseball bat and boiled my hats in milk

I'm not sure why, exactly, but I'm suddenly possessed of this strong feeling that it would be good to do this: I guess I was just sitting thinking about how, over the years, I've matured a lot, and in the past I've done a lot of dumb things to a lot of people that I now no longer identify with or think were fair. And I've probably done a few dumb things in these past few years, as well. And, you know, there are probably people out there who still think I'm a jerk for having done those dumb things; and while this may or may not prove them wrong, if they still harbour uncomfortable feelings about my jerk-i-tude, it'd be good if they could get them off their chests if they wanted to, and things.

So, basically, a Screw-Ups I Have Made Amnesty Post. Comment here if you have a gripe with me (or any of my system), past, present or (for those time-travellers and precognitives among you) future, and I will do my best to either apologise and make amends, or, if I don't feel like it's something I can apologise for right now, then hush up, acknowledge your gripe and reflect upon it. I will do my level best not to be confrontational, and if you don't want a response, say so.

Comments are screened; I'd prefer no anon, because it doesn't really help me to know that I did something that I now no longer remember to an unspecified someone. If you want a response and don't think I have your contact details, drop me an email address or something so I don't have to unscreen your comment.

(Also, this isn't me fishing for a wave of "no, really, I can't think of anything bad you've done ever!" comments. I really do want people to 'fess up to what still bugs them about me.)
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