Unofficial poll time? Like, those proper LJ-formatted polls are the official ones and things. in lieu of last post, if Falena had a national anthem what do you think it would be?

I kind of want to say this, because, most awesome title for an anthem ever, and also it has the line in there about "may the people shine like the sun of peace and happiness"... which sort of makes me think of "Let our mercy as deep as the Feitas and our authority as powerful as the sun be revealed to the entire world" (which I suppose is a quasi-Falenan anthem, only not sung?) and sort of makes me just think of the Super Happy Tree in Yoshi's Story. Maybe the Falenan anthem should be this. (Spoiler-free, completely unrelated to Suikoden, should be watched by all.) C'mon, can't you imagine li'l Arshtat and Ferid and such all drawn in crayon and singing their little happy hearts out? I knew you could.

But anyway, so I was searching for sun-themed songs (almost typed song-themed suns then, I really need sleep) that could work for an anthem, and then I came across "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More" and I just went "omg ;____;"... not in a really bad way, just in an "ouch, so haunting" way, because I think that song is really haunting anyway and then just associating it with a game that also has that effect on me... omg.

So I am impartial, and shall leave it up to you to decide. Because of course everything can be decided via the medium of LJ poll, even the anthems of otherworldly nations. *nods*

Also, why, yes, I will stop posting about Suikoden V eventually. Someday. Certainly. I'm sure of it. Don't hold your breath.
oh em geeee.


So what's awesome about the cosplay pictures on this page, right, is not even the Sialeeds cosplay (which is good, though I still haven't met the person who in terms of physical appearance is so much her it hurts), or even the awesome Ferid in this pic (because omg BIG WIDE EYES that is awesome. And so samurai-looking, which is the vibe I think they were really going for with Ferid), but the fact that they have a big shiny gold-fringed Falenan flag omg. ;_______; It so makes me want to stand up and start singing national anthems, except, you know, if Falena has an anthem I don't know it. But omg, thing of beauty. Can ai haz wun pleez.

Also, have a random Sialeeds-near-the-end-of-game-ish comic doujinshi thing, because I didn't feel like scanning more anthologies today but I found this on the intarwebz0rs and I figured the same people who wanted the Sialeeds doujin scans will think it's nifty. (Lucretia scans are in post below!)

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Lucretia-related cuteness

By popular demand, here are various scans from my Suikoden anthology doujins that involve Lucretia being cute. Warning: large scans, minimally-compressed format, so big files. Also, unless you can read Japanese I think these are spoiler-free, though I don't know if there are spoilers if you can. Has the image from my XD icon. Has the image from my Lelei!pillow icon. Bonus Bernadette cuteness! This one lacks Lucretia, but has Sialeeds, Lym, Miakis, the Prince, and Kyle done in a very cute style. Sadly I couldn't reduce the blur on the edge of Miakis, but if you want the portrait part as a clean image it is possible to crop the edge of her in a way where it still looks like her but avoids the blurring.

Oh, wow.

You know, I had never actually encountered this. I didn't know there were enemies on Solitary Island. It's a haunting detail, though, a touch of realism that, when you allow the significance of it to sink in, really does drive home the atmosphere of sorrow and hopelessness the game is trying to create at that point.

[EDIT: "...the Solitary Island", I suppose. But somehow I've just had it in my head as a placename for the longest time, and it's kind of canon for me now. The first time I described myself as being "from" anywhere, fictional-identification-wise, it was Solitary Island, in the sense that I felt like "I" was really given birth to there; emotionally awakened with that scene.]
how does that even exist?

This post rated "arr", etc.

(Actually, one of the games behind this link is slightly non-work-safe, being what appears to be a strip poker game based on that woman who I believe used to be the front for the Ridge Racer games, so you might want to take that rating seriously.)

So we probably all figured that that pirate NES port of FF7 wasn't the only bizarre unlicenced game floating around out there, but even I, who have a history of unearthing these things out of a sort of morbid fascination (pirate stuff, for whatever reason, creeps me out somewhat), hadn't seen most of the stuff on this page. Japanese only, but the screenshots are enough; there's a port of Chrono Trigger, a rather good-looking NES version of A Link to the Past, another random "Zelda" game which appears to be turn-based, and a Titanic platformer, amongst other things.

Slightly veering away from the subject of unlicenced games per se, you can also witness this unholy union (seriously, would that not have messed with your head so much when you were a kid?) and what, for to me incomprehensible reasons, appears to be an attempt to port Windows 2000 to the NES. I'm not kidding.
oh em geeee.

Oh, wow!

I just experienced my very first earthquake. Don't know much about it because the British Geological Survey site is down (likely due to the fact that England does not have a notion of earthquakes being something that happen to us, ever, and thus the entirety of the population that felt it has probably simultaneously attempted to search for info), but it lasted a handful of seconds, shook the building rather nicely, and wasn't strong enough to knock anything off the shelves. At first I thought it was the storm, since there's been one raging badly outside for quite a while, and didn't take too much notice of it until, a few seconds in, I thought, "wait, this shaking is a little... intense", and was immediately backed up by Nall being all "" from the next room.

That was really rather cool. Now I know what one feels like!
chocobo will solve your problems

I almost tagged this entry "Suikoden" just on reflex....

They never said it couldn't be done... mostly because no one had ever been insane enough to suggest doing it in the first place. But Chinese pirates, regardless, have done the seemingly impossible: ported a surprisingly detailed and complete version of FF7... to the NES. It's a scary and oddly wondrous thing, in about equal amounts.

[EDIT: Download both game and emulator here (via MegaUpload).]

Also, from the same site, finally, I am vindicated on the fact that the literal fan-retranslation of FF6 completely eviscerates the spirit of it.
sometimes hope doesn't look like much...

wonderful wonderful deepmemething from Kincaid

OK. An alien lands and gives you a six-chambered gun. Each chamber can hold one full-length media item: 1,500 pages of text, 90 minutes of music, 3 hours of film, one entire video game, a full speech, several dozen images from a single artist, a single season or plot arc of a TV series, one full live performance, detailed architectural plans and photographs for one building, even a full meal -- any discrete cultural work. The means of data storage is not important; for all intents and purposes, each gunbarrel holds one fully realized artistic or academic concept.

If you spin the barrel and fire the gun at a sentient being, the entire artistic contents of that barrel will be instantly uploaded into the target's memory and cognition. It will be as if they have not only experienced the work, they understand it at the same level you do, with all prerequisite knowledge also uploaded.

The target will not necessarily believe or enjoy the work as you did. They will experience whatever emotions and opinions they would've had if they'd sat through the work normally, though several times more intensely, and any opinions based on mere denial or ignorance will be transmuted into their truest, deepest opinions, the sort they would've otherwise reached only after years of contemplation, compressed into an instant.

The target will HAVE to confront the experience, and during the next several days they will uncontrollably commence to think about what they saw or heard. Love or hate it, believe it or reject it, it will remain a lasting and prominent part of their mental world. You have essentially forced them to know and comprehend your art-bullet, and they will never forget it.

The gun has infinite ammunition and the alien lets you have it for a full year before you have to return it. What six things would you load the barrels with? [Variants of are perfectly fair answers. Answer the question any way you wish, but please refrain from being pointlessly wacky. :) ]


So my initial first reactions were: Suikoden I, Suikoden V, as much of Super Play magazine as one can compress into a chamber (starting at the end and working back if space is an issue, as the later issues were better, in my humble opinion), and the first world of Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog (as I think the experience is, quite honestly, a purer one if that's as far as you get; the rest of the game is just less aweing by comparison); and the last two slots I still have to think about. I'm sort of deliberating over "a world from a platform game" because impressing people with deep understanding is the most important aspect of this for me, but it's something I feel is a sublime experience even if it doesn't really teach one anything, and I don't think I can pass that up.

in which I make a post that is not about Suikoden, gasp

So, hrrm. As I think I possibly mentioned some entries ago, I started watching metafandom recently (which is a fascinating comm, and I highly recommend it; it's everything I thought comms like fanthropology would be when I joined them, a quasi-daily round-up of all the best and most thought-provoking meta-discussions of fandom on the 'net), and this happened to coincide roughly with International Blog Against Racism Week. So for a while, my friendslist was full of posts on the subject of fandom and racism, and I read quite a lot of them, and I feel like I genuinely learnt a lot of things out of the debate.

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